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Phase 1

 This is considered the pre-production process. Here is where we begin the process of creating the song you want to begin production on including music, lyrics, arrangement and, if needed, composition. Time to make something great!


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Phase 2

This is where the fun begins!  The production and post-production process. We love to let the creativity run wild here because that’s where we get the best results. Let the fun begin!


Phase 3

Once we’ve completed the 2 phases of production we can head to distribution and licensing. Here your music doesn’t just connect with your fans but gets to connect with the rest of the world! The possibilities are exciting!


Of course we can. Let us hear what you have and we’ll help you finish the rest.

Tell us what your ideas are and we’ll come together and figure this thing out.

We do our best to give constructive criticism. We’d be more than happy to give you our thoughts on you song.

What's On Your Mind?

Music Production Packages

Choose your package to begin.


$ 50
/ HR
  • Up to 4hr recording session
  • Audio Recording ONLY
  • 1 CD of recorded session
  • Mixing of 1 track
  • Delivery of stems
  • Mastering
  • Distribution


$ 100
/ HR
  • Up to 8hrs recording session
  • 2-3 Cds of recorded session
  • Mixing of session
  • Delivery of Stems
  • Mastering of 1 track
  • CD & digital metadata
  • CD replication/duplication
  • CD & digital distribution

The works

$ 200
/ HR
  • Schedule blocks of recording sessions*
  • Mixing of ENTIRE sessions
  • Delivery of Stems (email, flash drive, external HD)*
  • Mastering of ENTIRE sessions
  • 1 CD of Master
  • Metdata for CD and digital files for distribution
  • CD duplication & replication
  • Digital download prep & more

* Looking for more specific needs click below *

Pick'm Just Right

Add additional services as needed for a more personal plan that works best for your needs.

Simple Package

Get the simplest things done for clean recording purposes
$ 25
Per Hour*
  • 4hrs studio time
  • Vocal recording
  • Vocal Mixing
  • CD copy

Advanced Package

Get a few more advanced things done without breaking your budget
$ 35
Per Hour*
  • 8hrs studio time
  • Band recording
  • Band Mix
  • 2 CD Copy