Letting Go of Baby 3-Book Series


Get the entire 3-Book Series Package and enjoy reading these individually, with you spouse or with a group.

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This series consist of the husband and wife couple, Tsombawi Knibye, Jr. and Tamar Knibye, who experienced baby loss, more than once. They both wrote their versions of what they experienced as a man and a woman. Letting Go of Baby was the 1st book released by Tamar Knibye, with the follow-up, What’s Next? A Guide to Dealing with Grief After a Loss. The 3rd book in the series was released by Tsombawi Knibye, Jr. titled, Letting Go of Baby, Too. While the books do not necessarily need to be read in that order, they are short books packed with amazing details about emotions and feelings, actions and reactions, faith, doubt and more. They are absolutely great reads for anyone looking to deal with and heal from similar circumstances you either have faced in the past, are currently facing or may possibly even face in the unforeseeable future.


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