Letting Go of Baby, Too: From a Father’s Heart

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The creation of this book came after his wife, Tamar Knibye, wrote her story, Letting Go of Baby, after losing their child. Seeing how it touched the lives of all women who read it, he decided to write the follow-up, Letting Go of Baby, Too. He tells the same story from his perspective as a man, husband and father in efforts to help other men heal from the deep hearted tragedy of losing a child.


“We tend to forget that, not only did the woman (mother) lose a child but the man (father) did, too.”



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When it comes to the loss of a baby, most times we hear about it from the mother’s perspective. Women build communities around it, talk about it and create opportunities to even heal from it. It’s very seldom, if at all, that we hear the father’s perspective. What we fail to realize is that the loss of a baby affects men as well. The difficulty of building community around it, talking about it and even healing from it is a far fetched reality. This book talks about the loss of a baby straight from a father’s heart, as open and honest as he can candidly be. It will help men acknowledge, talk about and let go of the feelings and emotions they’ve suppressed when it comes to baby loss. Letting go doesn’t mean to forget but it creates the opportunity to move on without continuing to let this particular moment in your life leave a scar for years to come. So be encouraged, be inspired and be strengthened as you read this real life story

1 review for Letting Go of Baby, Too: From a Father’s Heart

  1. Omar Williams

    I was privileged to be able to read this book before it was released! It is a must read for all men out there who believe they are alone when it comes to losing a child. Not only losing a child but for men who can’t express their pain!!! Awesome Book!

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